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Release Calendar

Games Bulletin started with just a hand-edited release calendar for Xbox and PlayStation. Although we’ve expanded greatly since then, the calendar continues to be one of our most popular features. It’s highly automated now, and it includes practically all games across all digital and physical platforms. The calendar also covers all of the various release regions throughout the world.

Personalized Calendar

We’ve made many technical improvements to the calendar over the years, but perhaps the one we’re proudest of is the ability to personalize it. Not only can you set your region, but you can define the platforms you’re interested. That means that if you don’t own a Nintendo, you won’t see Nintendo releases. You can also delist individual titles so that they don’t show on your personal calendar, mark games as preordered and subscribe to games so that you receive notifications as well as alerts when your chance to preorder or claim special content is about to end.

Game Previews and First Looks

Release dates are a good start, but we wouldn’t be much of a bulletin if we didn’t keep you abreast of the latest news concerning the upcoming games you’re most excited about. We offer new written and video previews and first looks each week, and we have journalists attend the biggest gaming events so that we deliver you the newest gameplay as soon as its available.

Developer Diaries

One of our more recent series but an instant success is our developer diaries. Ranging from indie studios to large AAA development houses, this series has developers stop in regularly to give you updates on how the development process is going. These developer blogs support comments, and the developers will even respond to and answer the best comments and questions.

Industry Interviews

Another of our most popular features is our interviews that we publish at least on a monthly and sometimes on a more frequent basis. We perform interviews with some of the biggest industry names, but we also target names you may never have heard of it because these people can provide us insight into areas of game development that often go overlooked.

In-Depth Game Reviews

Of course simply wouldn’t be the site it is today without our game reviews. Our writers really have a good relationship with our community and do an amazing job of answering the questions you want answered before deciding whether to buy a particular game.

Game Bulletin Twitter Feed

Our team is also very excited about our Twitter feed and welcomes you to subscribe. Twitter gives us the chance to break news as it happens, announce new content when its published and communicate and interact with our audience in a very casual way. Join in on the fun today!